The Inspirational Story of Sadie Grice Funny

Sadie Grice Funny, a native of the third oldest and historic seaport city of South Carolina, Georgetown, was born on April 10, 1924, the second offspring of the seven blessed to the Late Charles and Sarah Grice.  It was during a time of relentless transition and tumultuous contradiction in America. The wave of the Roaring Twenties was cresting in its explosive economic response to the aftermath of World War I, while ebbing just scant years away was the impending plunge of Wall Street and that historical day of infamy - “Black Monday.” In South Carolina, the boll weevil attack on the cotton industry was a precursor to the rising tide of the Great Depression. Sadie Grice Funny, like many others, could have relinquished the power to effect change and accept the flow of her circumstances, however, she chose to steer her own destiny, shape her own world, rather than to be steered or shaped by it.

Educated in the local area school system, she made a lifelong vow to James Funny, Sr. in matrimony, a firm union that lasted 57 years and produced eleven children. She was committed to ensuring that all of her offspring had the resources to pursue any level of education they desired, which she knew opened the doors of opportunity and success.

Ever a diligent and hardworking soul, she responded when she recognized a need in her community. Realizing the local workers’ need for transportation to and from Myrtle Beach, her entrepreneurial spirit led to the establishment of her own car and bus transit service. When she discovered that businesses needed employees, she formed an employment referral service to notify individuals in local communities of employment opportunities at businesses (hotels, restaurants, golf courses, churches, etc.) in Myrtle Beach.

As devoted Christian and faithful, dedicated member of Bethel A.M.E. Church, in Plantersville (Georgetown County) and later Arise and Conquer Church of Deliverance, she served tirelessly and dutifully as a Stewardess, Trustee, and member of the Senior Choir. Her civic memberships included The Rose of Sharon Tent #117 and Beach Street Lodge #229 Order of the Eastern Star.

Sadie Grice Funny dedicated herself to service and excellence throughout her entire life and made her transition on August 15, 1999. Three years later, her youngest son, John J. Funny, President and CEO of Grice Consulting Group LLC, an Atlanta-based planning and engineering firm, with regional offices in Washington, DC and Columbia, SC, founded the Sadie Grice Funny Scholarship Foundation as a tribute to her - loving wife, devoted mother, sincere friend, dedicated church member, dynamic businesswoman, skillful negotiator, selfless humanitarian, creative visionary, promoter of justice, and above all, gracious woman of God.